Terms and Conditions

“Ravvi’s “Yogapadhshala” Terms and Conditions
In these Terms and Conditions the following words have the defined meaning below:
“T&C” – Terms and Conditions of Ravvi’s “Yogapadhshala”.
“You” – the Participant, person enrolling for our “Services”.
“We/us” – Ravvi’s “Yogapadhshala”, the provider of “Services”.
“Services” – Courses / Training / Seminars / Retreats / Workshops / PAC (Professional
Advancement Course) / Counselling / Consultation / Yoga Classes (General/Group/Private) /
Presentation / Demonstration / Yoga Event and Practices.
“Deposit” – advanced payment for the “Services” to secure the spot in it.
“Events” – we don’t use this word only „Services“ which includes the events as well in
1. Acceptance of Terms
By accessing/enrolling/signing up/making advance/deposit payments and using our
“Services”, you accept and agree to be bound by the “T&C” and provisions of this Agreement.
In addition, when using our “Services”, you agree that you will be subject to any posted
guidelines or rules applicable to the “Services” that you are using. Any participation in any of
our “Services” will constitute acceptance of this Agreement. If you do not agree to abide by
these requirements, please do not use our “Services” and let us know in written form.
2. Modification of “T&C” and Agreement
“We” have the right to review and change these “T&C” at any time and without prior notice
where circumstances dictate.
3. “Services” and Events
3.1. The Detailed Description of “Services”, Schedule, Syllabus, Requirements, Facilities
provided, Accommodation, Food, Yoga Practices, Duration, What is Included, What is not
Included, Code of Conduct, Dates, Location, Cost of the “Services” “You” can find on our
website www.ravviyoga.com / Media Promotions for any or particular “Services”. Please read
carefully about the “Services” “You” chose to join. By accepting these “T&C” “You” agree
that “You” have read, understood and accept all the details regarding that particular “Services”.
3.2. “We“ have the right to refuse admission to any of our „Services“ without giving an
3.3. “We“ have the right to cancel or make amendments or changes to any our „Services“ or
its scheduling at any time.
3.4. As per current situation participant to any “Services” must present COVID-19 negative
test result on arrival. Test must be performed at certified Lab and within 72 hours of arrival.
Participant with positive test result must self-quarantine at their own expenses and premises,
they should avoid traveling for the safety of everyone. Admission in no case will be allowed
without presenting negative Covid-19 test result performed not earlier than 72 hours of arrival.
3.5. In the “Services” where accommodation is provided, it should be considered an essential
facility provided for the “Service” but not as luxury or prime focus. “We” have the right to
decide where and how these facilities are provided. “You” are obliged to respond with
flexibility if a change occurs.
3.6. In the “Services” where food is provided, the diet is very essential and designed special
for the “Service”. Meals are vegetarian and cooked according Yogic Diet.
3.7. No food will be provided on the days off or extra days.
3.8. If “You” have any allergies or food intolerance please inform “Us” while booking the
“Service”. “We” do not provide any special diet supplements (e.g. gluten/lactose free products
or any special products that has allergens “You” do not tolerate).
4. Booking Process / Payments & Refund Policy
4.1. Together with deposit for any “Service” the signed Application form with passport photo
should be sent by post to Chrysanthemum villa, Agias Sofias  14 , Neon Chorion, Paphos, Cyprus 8852 or scanned
and emailed to ravviyoga@gmail.com.
4.2. “We” do not guarantee registration in any of our “Services” until the “Deposit” is made.
The “Deposit” amount may vary in accordance with the “Service” hosted by “Us” and will be
contained in the information of the relevant “Service”.
4.3. The “Deposit” amount only secures “Your” inclusion in the registration process. Only after
receipt of the full payment for the “Service” “You” will be admitted for that particular
4.4. The “Deposit” is non-refundable if the cancelation is less than 30 days till the starting date
of the “Service”. If cancelation is made more than 30 days in advance, the “Deposit” will be
returned only 100Eur will be deducted as a processing fee (International transfer charges,
commission fees for retailer).
4.5. The “Deposit” amount payment should be made with the booking. The balance of the
amount should be paid before or immediately upon arrival at “Our” facility. Failure or delay to
do this may entitle “Us” reject “Yours” registration / booking and participation.
4.6. Payments may be made in Cash Payments / Bank Transfers / PayPal online payments. Any
surcharge/fees/charges/international exchange charged/deducted from “Our” Bank/PayPal
account on transactions is extra and payable by “You”.
4.7. If the “Service” is cancelled by “Us”, any payment will be refunded or alternative
relocation to any other “Service” may be possible if “You” are willing and the “Service” is
available on an alternative convenient date. If the “Service” is cancelled by any force major
before or after starting of the training any payment is non-refundable alternatively relocation
to any other “Service” is provided with flexible dates.
4.8. The Tax (any) is included in prices given in “Our” website / Media promotions.
4.9. When “You” pay us your “Deposit”, you are fully and voluntary agreeing to these “T&C”
and “You” acknowledge that “You” have both read and fully comprehend the nature and
consequences of “Your” Agreement to these “T&C”. If “You” have any reason to want to
change any post of this Agreement please discuss it with us first.
4.10. No refund is paid if “You” quit the “Services”.
4.11. Walk in / late Registration subject to “Our” convenience and availability of places.
5. Safety & Personal Conduct
5.1 “We” recommend “You” must have comprehensive travel, medical insurance for the
duration of participation in any of “Our” “Services”. “We” will not be held responsible and are
not liable to pay any compensation for any miss happening/loss/damage/injury during any
“Services” availed by “You”.
5.2 Any damage made by “You” to the property or any of the items engaged during the period
of “Services” is solely “Your” responsibility and the damage will be covered by “You”.
5.3 Misconduct or disturbance created to our “Services”, “Us” or any other participant during
the period of participation by “You” may lead to expulsion from “Our” “Services” without any
6. Certification
6.1 After successful completion of “Our” certain “Services”, Certificate is issued.
6.2 “We” hold the right not to provide the certificate for “Services” in case of non-completion
of the “Services” and its requirements/fails to oblige the terms and conditions/Code of conduct,
Brings damage by misconduct/misbehaviour or any such activity which effects the reputation
and good name of “Us”.
7. Privacy Policy
7.1 By participating in our “Services” “You give your consent to “Us” to take photos/videos
etc. and to share photos/videos etc. taken during the participation period or any activity in
media networking as part of the company’s promotional strategy.
7.2 Photos and videos to be taken only with the consent and are allowed only for personal use–
sharing of it with third parties are allowed only after written permission.
7.3 As a part of this course (training), we will pass your details such as name, email address,
phone number and country onto Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. They will contact you to get
a FREE membership as a trainee. Please speak to your teacher about the benefits of this membership. You
will also be eligible register as Yoga Teacher and to take insurance through Yoga Alliance Professionals (for UK/ Eire
only/some countries in Europe) as a professional, which is essential for you to take as part of this course.
8. Copy right
8.1 The materials such as study, notes, sequences, explanations etc. of the „‘Services’“ is
strictly ownership of “Us” and can’t be shared with third parties, published, copied or printed
and used anywhere without “Our” written permission.
9. Complaint/Dispute
9.1 Complaints are to be addressed to directors and will go through the grievance procedure of
“Our” Services.
9.2 In case of dispute, all disputes arising are to be settled in the honourable Court of Republic
of Cyprus.