Yoga Workshops and Retreats

Major objectives of these workshops and retreats is not only to explain but also to demonstrate the fundamentals of yoga with its meaning, definitions, origin, connotations, philosophy and its role in one’s life. Here its important aspect to be demonstrated is that yoga is away from any religious context and is a way of living or a life style rather.

Another important aim is to describe the relevance and the benefits of yoga by living yoga more than practicing and understanding yoga. 

Further major paths of yoga would be elaborated upon so as to emphasize that anyone who breathes can practice yoga and be a yogi by understanding and practicing this way of living with the perspective of Karma, Knowledge, Bhakti, and so on.

Then comes in the way to salvation where Patanjali, the great compiler and originator of the yoga sutras who established this very discipline through eight steps to achieve to reach the ultimate in yoga through yoga. The eight paths further have associative relation with the understanding of Gunas and attributes of nature which through balance help achieve peace and happiness but can be achieved through living yoga. 

Further comes the demonstration on the union of Surya (Sun) and the Chandra (moon) i.e. the union of forces. This part demonstrates how union takes place through yoga. Later the demonstration leads to the role of Kundalini (the dormant energy) which enlightens the Chakras through controlling this energy by practicing yoga.


Upcoming events:

21 Days 200-Hours Yoga Teachers Training – Protaras, Cyprus

(500hrs) Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India