Raavi’s School of Yoga, India

Ravvi’s School of Yoga ‘Yogapadhashala’

Ravvi’s School of Yoga is an effort to grow a community of committed yoga practitioners, empowering those who demonstrate dedication to a personal practice, by sharing

What is Yoga

Yoga’ an ancient practice for modern time

Yoga is much more than just great workout. This ancient Indian practice can be a powerful and effective path of transformation out of our habitual

Yoga is much more than just great workout.

In Ravvi School of Yoga we offer 200hr and 500hr Yoga Teacher training. Here we wait for devoted practitioners who wants to deepen their knowledge.The aim is to produce Yoga Teachers who by taking responsibility for their own physical, mental and spiritual health are true ambassadors of the ancient system of Yoga.

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Workshop & Trainings


In Ravvi School of Yoga we offer 200hours Yoga Teacher Training and specific Yoga Training Courses designed and conducted on a personal basis. Here we wait

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Yoga Workshops and Retreats

Major objectives of these workshops and retreats is not only to explain but also to demonstrate the fundamentals of yoga with its meaning, definitions, origin,

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Please check Yoga Teachers Trainings, Workshops and Events schedule and venue here. We are practicing everywhere – Himalayas, sandy Goa beaches or other beautiful spots

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Our Team

Ravvi's School of Yoga "Yogapadhashala" team

Master Ravindra Singh Tomar

Master Ravindra is a passionate, dynamic, innovative and inspirational yoga teacher who brings his energy, humor and philosophy to every class he teaches. He believes in

Master Ravindra Singh Tomar
Rasa Tomar

Rasa joined Ravvi School of Yoga in 2014 after completing her Yoga Teacher training at Yogapadhashala  and one more in Sivananda Ashram in Ahmedabad, India.

Rasa Tomar
Irina Mironova Orthodoxou

Irina completed her yoga teacher training with Master Ravindra. But she believes that teacher training should never end. There is always something more to learn to adapt

Irina Mironova Orthodoxou



Ravvi lives and breathes Yoga. If you are open to letting yourself go, and embracing...


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Priya Mahesh

Namaste, I am Priya Mahesh, a registered yoga instructor. I am glad that I have...


I never thought about practising Yoga until I  met Ravvi in Cyprus He taught me...

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any inquiries regarding our Training, Workshops or Events, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or if you have any question regarding Yoga, please let us know – we will be happy to discuss it.

Address: Yoga House,

the address of the venue is Chrysanthemum villa, Agias Sofias  14 , Neon Chorion, Paphos, Cyprus

    Coordinates: 35.03975007649559, 32.37470004711918

We also practice worldwide, to find us, please drop a line 🙂

Cell Phone: +35796099686

Email: ravviyoga@gmail.com 

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