Rasa Tomar

rasaRasa joined Ravvi School of Yoga in 2014 after completing her Yoga Teacher training at Yogapadhashala  and one more in Sivananda Ashram in Ahmedabad, India. After trainings she was travelling and joining classes in different Ashrams and Yoga Schools in India – Mysore Mandala School – 3 weeks of Astanga Yoga practice and Pranayama course with B.N.S. Iyengar. Rasa’s Yoga journey started in 2012 Sivananda Ashram in Vilnius, Lithuania. “Since childhood I was interesting in Spirituality, Self-Development, Psychology and Life Purpose.

I had so many questions but couldn’t find an answer. Always felt that there is something more than job, money, power and entertainments. Seems I lost interest in everything. Long time I was changing jobs, countries I was living in, was travelling a lot just to find that “something” I wasn’t sure exists.

Just after travels, meeting different cultures and people, seeing world, getting to know myself better and meeting my best friend and dear husband Ravi, I understood that the thing I was looking for is in me. It’s Trust, Believe in God and Inner Peace. Yoga helped me to unlock many secrets about me and the world. And I would love to share my experience with everyone who is interested and want to share their Yoga journey”.

Rasa believes there is no style of Yoga – Yoga is Ancient Science founded in India to balance and keep healthy your Body, Mind and Soul. Yoga at the same time is discipline and freedom – and the best Gurus we are for ourselves. Living Yoga just helps us to hear our inner guide – our Heart