GerySummer 2015. Zening resort, Cyprus. I am reading the activity schedule. Ravvi. Yoga. Sounds like India. And I love India. I do not practice yoga at home. Because it seems I just cannot find the right teacher. Why not, you will ask? There are 1000s of yoga  teachers? Yeah. Right. But I once have been spoilt, way back in India. With yoga classes from an Indian yoga master. Never found good yoga classes since. What a more than pleasant surprise to be in Ravi’s class! I do not have many words as to his  teachings. Because they are all about the part of you which is without words. The part in which the God particle, or whatever you call it, is in  charge. It’s about the thin line between your body and soul where you will be touched when following Ravvi’s classes. Meet the inner you. Be brave. Practice. Chant. Breathe. And welcome your soul to a place where it feels home. Namasté, Gerry.