Yoga Day

Everyday (except Sunday) from 29th of May – 12th of June – Yoga days for Women

Empower yourself and release your female energy! Yoga is a wonderful acient practice that will help to increase the self-esteem, relieve stress, will rise your energy and overall mental and physical health. One who is practicing Yoga keeps away from overweight problems, indigestion and … wrinkles 🙂 Join us and dedicate day for Yourself!



Everyday from 12th of June – 17th of June – Power Yoga

Yoga is way more than only great stretching. Yoga is wonderful way to make yourself stronger, helathier and free yourself from desires, fears and doubts. This particular practices will help you to develop strenght, stamina and control. If you want to see a change in the world – be a change!

Everyday (except Sunday) from 19th of June – 1st of July – Transformational Yoga

The real essence of Yoga is ones mental training that is possible to achieve through asanas, breathing and meditation practices. Yoga is a way of living – not only one hour practice of Asanas. Mindful living throughout will bring you peace, freedom and other positive mental and physical changes. Every moment of your life can be a new beginning. Each second of your life lived with full awareness of a present moment will bring you incredible results and change in all aspects of your life.

Group sizes

The maximum participants in the group is 8.


  • Instruction language: English
  • Spoken languages: Russian, English

Sample daily schedule

  • 07:30 Morning yoga practice – breathing, Sun Salutation
  • 9:00 Yogic/vegetarian/India cooking class
  • 10:00 Breakfast
  • 11:00 Yoga Texts study
  • 12:30 Break
  • 13:00 Yoga Asanas practice
  • 14:30 Meditation, breathing, and relaxation
  • 15:15 Tea time

Price – 25eur per day per person. Yoga Practices, breakfast and tea included.

Registration for a selected day is needed!

Please register before – we have very limited space! Write us an email to or call us +357 96749505.