Irina Mironova-Orthodoxou

Irina completed her yoga teacher training with Master Ravindra. But she believes that teacher training should never end. There is always something more to learn to adapt to practice … Her Yoga journey started 10 years ago from power yoga in the gym and after she tried different schools and styles in different countries but yoga was like a hobby from time to time.


”I was working in tourism for 6 years but I lost interest and I was thinking that I lost interest for life and in this moment I met opportunities and people who gave me inspiration. I’ve been thinking about yoga teacher training for 3 years and I made decision to stop with tourism and jump to yoga life. I’ve got certification of 200 hours Ravvi Yoga School. And now I’m part of the team. What gonna be after I don’t know but Let’s see. I know only that every day I’m thankful that I made the decision to devote my life to sharing yoga.


Yoga is for everybody. Yoga is everywhere. Yoga is happiness of living. I would share this knowledge with other people. Sometimes we forget that everything for happy life is inside of us and we need just stop and listen our inner voice ”


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